Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Little Van Goghs

So I've been doing design work for a lovely little company called Little Van Goghs, that specialise in 'personalised art prints for little people.' The artwork is created by Sheila Lancaster.

I've been working on postcards and thank you cards. I have a flyer still to do so I should be posting that up soon..


So there have been a couple of features of my work as of late! I was featured in 'Fuss Magazine,' a new magazine focusing on new emerging talent created by Abby Wiltshire.

And I also was featured on Sketchbook Magazine's blog as Illustrator of the day, where they showcased my portfolio!

Promotional Material for upcoming exhibitions...

So lots of things have been happening in preparation for my end of year shows, these are the business cards and postcards I will be handing out.. exciting!

It's my private show in Bournemouth tomorrow. Will be uploading pictures of the exhibition and final pieces soon..
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