Thursday, 9 December 2010

Gulf of Mexico Endangered Species

So after 10 weeks work this is my final piece for my endangered species project. It's been great drawing scientific illustration, something I was curious to explore as I loved the intricacy and detailing. I enjoyed distorting this and bringing a contemporary twist to it.

I made sure I used layers to make it look like a pool that you could look into, with the piece's outer layer in the shape of the gulf of mexico. Inside the pool are layers of coral, water and the animals that reside there. The various animals are the endangered species which are decaying from the oil spill.

I've really loved getting into papercuts again, and using mixed media, it's been a great project to explore!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Silent Auction

So with the run up to christmas we are holding a silent auction at university. It's happening tomorrow, and this is the print I've submitted. It's of a blue throated Mackaw, and I'm hoping he goes to a good home!
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