Saturday, 17 July 2010

Rob Ryan Work Experience

A couple of weeks ago I had a day in the life of Rob Ryan. I had been looking forward to it very much, especially as he is an Illustrator I look up to in terms of craft and practice - his work is so beautiful! Even more so first hand.
I was introduced to both his studios, his main studio where the cut-outs happen and the print studio. Everywhere was littered with prints and rob ryan branded mugs, plates, sellotape, kitchen tiles.. it was so tiny but bursting with life.

I had such a fun day, cutting out from one of his latest paper cuts, and making badges for his shop marking his Ryantown 2 year anniversary, as well as running errands. It was so exciting to witness his London Studio first-hand, the ins and outs of what it was like to be an Illustrator.

All of his lovely work can be seen here at

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