Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Don't I know you from somewhere?

This is my latest project. We were given a phrase and were then asked to develop practical work from it.

I found this interesting, especially looking into the condition Amnesia, and creating illustrations based around this.
I didn't want to lose the recognisation process of the phrase though. So as a result I created a catalogue of faces of people I knew, and people I did not know so well. In the final the faces are fazed out depending on how well i know them. So the bolder face the more I know the person in question.

A few of the developments are shown here, will try and upload the transparency piece too at some point.

Anorak Competition

The children's magazine Anorak recently posted a competition to create a cover design. I wanted an excuse to create something fun and child-like. So I went for it.. I could only find a handful of felt tips though. i think this probably helped my colour palette however.

Publishing Brief - Atwood Book Covers

I have been extremely busy and unable to update this, but I'm going to try my best to rectify this! I hope to use this blog as a tool, rather than a chore.. possibly why I haven't updated it in so long. But I understand it will become valuable to me in time.

So yes, I'm going to post what I did for my previous project at university.

It was a really odd brief, to create 5 covers for 5 of Margaret Atwood's books. There was a continuity factor that needed to be applied; so in essence all the book covers needed to look like they were part of a series.

This was a lot of work. Much more than I imagined, but I really enjoy working with paper. Paper is so much fun!
Especially creating 3D environments with them. I feel that they are far more captivating due to the lighting and the way that the shadows add depth.

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