Tuesday, 9 March 2010

It's time to dissolve that creepy cake lady.

Hello, It's been a while.
So I developed my initial storyboard forward.. I moved into psychedelics, experimenting with dye and food colouring.Then the effects that this would have on acetate when put into water. The initial development was more about experimenting with the medium as I felt I needed to be decisive about the imagery I used. I thought it was more important what "happened" to the imagery than what it actually was. The idea was to represent a "trip," and explore this journey, drawing upon experiences of others who have taken L.S.D.

I think the results were interesting. I did not expect them to dissolve.

I don't have my finals yet - eek.. expect them shortly. It involves projections.. projections which haven't happened yet. I hope it'll be alright on the night... !

peace out - krispy kreme time. x
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